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Cat Carriers: how to choose the right one

A cat carrier will ensure your cat is safe and comfortable, from the day you bring them home to every journey after, whether it’s to the veterinary clinic or boarding cattery.

Robust plastic carriers are recommended, as they are less likely to be damaged during transport. Cardboard carriers may get wet or tear and are easier for cats to escape from if they become stressed. Carriers should come apart easily without making loud noises that may startle your cat. Those with a removable top allow your veterinarian to easily examine your cat without having to remove them completely from their safe space. You can pack their carrier with their favorite toys, treats, or blankets to comfort them during travel.

Carriers that allow your cat to walk straight in are great for training your cat to enter them voluntarily; this can be done by placing a treat in the carrier. Integrating the carrier into your home furnishing by placing it in a normal resting spot for your cat, rather than placing it in storage, and rewarding your cat with treats upon entering it, will help them associate the carrier with good things – associations with positive experiences will make future travel less stressful.

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