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Suture Practice

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

I've been practicing my suturing skills and found that PennVet has some wonderful 'how to' videos on their Instructional Technology You tube page (link here). 

In the image above, I was practicing the Simple Continuous Suture Pattern (left) and the Ford Interlocking Suture Pattern (middle). 

Suturing is an important skill to master in veterinary medicine, plus it is fun to learn so why not get as much practice as you can get now?

More Tutorial Videos

The videos below demonstrate the suture patterns I have performed above and I have also added the link to other patterns that I have been practicing below. 

​Cushing & Connell Suture Patterns (link here) ​Cruciate Suture Pattern (link here) ​Horizontal Mattress Suture Pattern (link here) Burying the Knot (link here)

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