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Scottish Fold Cats & Osteochondrodysplasia

Scottish Folds have a genetic disease called OCD (Osteochondrodysplasia). The expression and severity of OCD varies but every cat with fold ears has them. You may think that these folded ears are cute but it is the visible exterior signs of OCD.

The Scottish Fold develops arthritis so reliably that it is being used as a model to study the gene involved in human arthritis.

Currently there are a few countries where you can no longer breed Scottish Folds however there are many more where it still remains legal. Why? Because of a lack of knowledge and the advertisement of so many companies and celebrities. These cats are suffering and are seriously ill and people think they are cute. This disease cannot be cured, neither through drugs nor through operations.

Please don’t buy this breed that is born to suffer! Please share this video and raise awareness.

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