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Senior Pets Advice

“He’s just really old” isn’t actually a valid diagnosis or reason to decline healthcare advice or treatment.

Although some problems are more common in older patients, age itself is not a disease. Pets help us get through some of the best but also most difficult times in our lives. As a veterinarian, I want to work with clients to improve the quality of life for my senior patients and give them the best care and attention they deserve.

Here are a few ideas on how to keep your aging pet as healthy as possible.

1. Keep them at their ideal body weight. Carrying extra weight puts strain on their joints, heart, and blood sugar control.

2. Moderate exercise is a great way to keep their weight trim, provides mental stimulation, and maintains good muscle mass.

3. Brush your pet’s teeth. Dental disease can be prevented by providing a good home dental care program coupled with regular professional cleaning.

4. Health checks 1-2x/year are vital for your pets health because it allows vets to diagnose, treat, and even prevent problems before they become life threatening and provide pet owners with an opportunity to seek professional advice.

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